Mónica Suárez, known as Monique in the art world, embarked on an intimate path of artistic inquiry after graduating from film school in the 90s.  Although my professional career was guided by experienced instructors, my exploration of the arts took me along the path of lyrics writing, story publishing, bookbinding, engraving, painting, and photography, focusing on alternative photographic processes, in particular the cyanotype.
Some years back, I found myself with a pair of scissors fragmenting reality to create a totally different dimension.  Since then, my art morphed into the magic of collage through which I translate the alchemy of playful and carefree shapes into surreal communication.
Through the words of the Spanish poet Emilio Prados, I express the foundation of my allurement:
I opened the fish box 
and the sky flooded
with bright green stars...

Mónica`s art was featured in "Salvoconducto", a book published by
 Espacio en Tránsito in Chile.
Her collages have also been curated by Edu Barbero from Boek Visual.  
This year, Mónica will be taking part in the BADA Art Fair, 
in Buenos Aires.

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